Canon MSX computers

Canon V-8
This is the Canon V-8. I found this picture on the net and have no technical info about this one at all.

I think it may be Canon's first MSX model.

Apparently they tried to make it as compact as possible. Have you EVER seen cursorkeys atop of the keyboard before?!
The keys themself look like they're rubber short-travel ones.
This is the Canon V-10 MSX Home Computer. It was Canon's first MSX computer and had only a small amount of RAM (16kB).

Check out the BIG cursorkeys!
Canon V-10
Canon V-10
Sorry for the bad picturequality, I found this pic on the net somewhere.

This pic was supposed to be of the V-20, but I was misinformed. The picture is to blurred to read the markings, but this is the V-10.
Here's a picture of the Canon V-20 I found on the net.

The Canon V-20 has 64kB RAM and, as you can see, is black.
Canon V-20

Sorry, currently no pics of Canon MSX2's...

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