MSX Development

There is still a lot of MSX development going on. In fact, a lot of big and useful projects (both hardware and software) have been realised in recent times. New games and applications, even complete new OS's are currently in development.

This section hopes to provide both aspiring and experienced programmers and artists the tools and knowledge to make software for MSX.

Chatroom #msxdev

#msxdev is a place to talk about development of MSX software and related subjects. Programmers and users alike are invited to discuss MSX projects, ask questions or help others. It doesn't matter whether you're experienced, a beginner, or just interested.

For those who don't know what IRC is, you can visit #msxdev with your browser. Try learning about IRC for a more pleasurable chatting experience.

Those already addicted to IRC can point their client to the Rizon network ( for europe, otherwise) and join #msxdev.

#msxdev News and Shoutbox

[22:21] news: Multi IPS Archive introduced - [11:38] news: Baltak Rampage MSX2 demo by Traktor - [00:15] news: Platform Games DevKit - [14:25] news: 25yo TNI announces 萌SX - [19:47] news: New MSX forum online, feel free to signup! - [09:36] news: Replays: Yie are Kung-fu 2, Arkanoid, & Arkanoid 2 - [02:52] <GuyveR800> Get back the real net neutrality in NL! [20:23] news: 16MB Memory Mappers - [19:37] news: New videos: Dutch Moonsound Veterans (Playlist) - [04:06] news: MSX PPAP - [15:27] <GuyveR800> merry msxmas everyone! [22:23] news: A new slotexpander by Tecnobytes - [23:14] news: [11:36] news: [19:28] news: MSX-Center launched [01:44] <GuyveR800> [12:15] news: [12:27] news: [16:48] <syn> happy birthday MSX! [12:50] news: FLAT1 demo version by Darkstone released! - [08:28] news: Multi IPS Archive version 1.1 released! - [19:33] <GuyveR800> the Castlevania cartoon sucks [21:57] news: M36 - A Life Planet english translation released [19:48] news: FM-PAC firmware translated! - [00:15] news: Parallel Dream English released -

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