Philips MSX computers

Philips VG-8010 & VG-8020
These are Philips' 2nd and 3rd MSX models, the VG-8010 and VG-8020.

The VG-8010 has very short-travel rubber keys and is a very poor MSX machine, the VG-8020 however has a professional (long-travel) keyboard, 64kB RAM and is probably the most-used MSX-1 machine in Europe.

After the VG-8000 (which doesn't even have a printerport!), the VG-8010 and VG-8020, Philips dedicated themselves to MSX2.
VG-8010 Service Manual
Here's a better picture of the VG-8020.

You can still see piece of a Philips remote control in the bottom of the picture; I found the picture in an article about using the MSX with an IR sender/reciever.

Because of the design of the MSX system it's relatively easy to let your MSX control other equipment or vice versa.
Philips VG-8020
VG-8020/00 Service Manual

Philips VG-8235
I found this picture of the Philips VG-8235 on the net.

It's one of the first MSX2's that Philips made and has a SINGLE sided diskdrive (360kB). You can build in a normal 720kB drive by replacing the DiskROM however.
The keyboard is adjustable in height.
VG-8235 Service Manual
The Philips NMS 8245 was a pretty decent MSX2 computer. It has 128kB RAM and a 720kB-diskdrive.
Next to the computer, you see the great NMS1431 MSX Printer.

The monitor is a VS0080 RGB Color Monitor, which is technically identical to the CM8833 monitor, but with a black case to match the MSX colors.
The software you see running is an early version of Ease, an incredible MSX Graphical User Interface made by the spanish Operasoft.
Philips NMS8245 MSX2 & NMS1431 Printer & VS0080 RGB Color Monitor
NMS 8245 Service Manual
Philips NMS 8250 Prototype
This is a prototype of a Philips NMS 8250. This is probably the most popular MSX2 in Europe.
Its internal structure allows one to expand the internal memory from the normal 128kB RAM to 4MB relatively easy.
Also the second drive bay is very handy. There's also a NMS 8255 with a second drive, which is the only difference.

The only cosmetic difference between this prototype and the final version is the printing on the keyboard. (Look at the picture from the NMS 8280 for the final keyboard layout, it's the same.)
NMS 8250 & 8255 Service Manual
This is another NMS 8250 prototype, I can't seem to find a picture of the final one! ^^;

Notice the RED powerbutton and different keyboard. (The CAPS LED is red too instead of orange.)

I'm really glad Philips decided not to go with this design!
Philips NMS8250 Prototype 2
NMS 8250 Service Manual
Philips NMS 8280
The Philips NMS 8280 is an exeptional MSX2 computer. This top-model has 2 diskdrives and most importantly a gen-locker and video-digitizer!

I used to own one myself (traded it for a Sanyo MSX2+) and I remember the great fun I've had digitizing and manipulating TV-stuff!

It's also perfect for use as a subtitling machine or add all sorts of cool effects to your home movies!
NMS 8280 Service Manual

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