Sanyo MSX computers

Sanyo had a long tradition in MSX, besides their own models, they designed (part of?) Philips' MSX2 computer-line. Sanyo was with MSX from beginning to almost the end, since they (and Sony too) almost made MSX turboR machines!
I own a Sanyo MSX2+ myself, namely a Sanyo Wavy PHC-70FD2.

Sanyo Wavy MPC-64
This is the Sanyo (Wavy) MPC-64. I say (Wavy) because it does not say "Wavy" on the picture, but as far as I know all Sanyo models are called "Wavy"! It's like Sony calling all their models "Hit-Bit", but maybe this is before Sanyo thought of the "Wavy" name? More info would be appreciated.
The MPC-64 is an MSX1 with 64kB RAM. The first Cartridge Slot contains HAL's Hole In One.
Sorry for the bad picturequality, I found this pic on the net somewhere.
This is the Sanyo Wavy MPC-100 MSX-1 computer.
Sanyo Wavy MPC-100

Sanyo Wavy MPC-27
This is an advertisment for the Sanyo Wavy MPC-27 MSX2 computer found on the net.

It looks like a great MSX2 computer! Built-in diskdrive (I assume it's double sided), seperate keyboard and... Super-Imposing!

HEY, what's that on its right side? ... It's a LIGHT PEN! Very interesting... I wonder what software came with it!

The text in the advertisment is kinda hard to read because of the lossy JPG format, but I wonder what the words 'simulate' and 'image processor' are doing there in one sentence.

Does anybody have any extra info on this machine?

Sorry, currently no pics of Sanyo MSX2+'s...

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